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Auto Loan FAQ


Are there costs associated with my car loan application?

No, there are neither any costs nor any obligation associated with your car loan application made with us.

How long will it take to complete my application and what are to be entered in there?

Some of your personal details and certain specifications about your requirements is to be made. The whole process takes about a minute to be completed.
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How soon will I be contacted after submitting the application?

After submission processing of application takes place and upon approval contact will be made usually within 24 hours. Some authorized agent will be making contact.

What if there is a cosigner? Will it be helpful?

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If there is a cosigner then there are greater chances of the loan being approved.
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Is it possible to trade in an existing car for another?

Yes, you may trade an existing car for another upon pre-approval.

For what kind of vehicles can I apply for an auto loan?

You may apply for auto loans for new as well as old vehicles. The loans can be taken for cars, sports utility vehicles, vans and the like.

Can I also get a car together with the loan?

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Yes, you can get a car along with the loan from us. We have connection with a wide network of dealers which makes it possible to secure a suitable car for you too as per your choice. So, in this way we may even emerge as a single stop destination for you to obtain the auto loans as well as the automobile.
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What are the minimum qualifications for applying for auto loans?

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Though there are no particular minimum qualifications for applying for auto loans certain basic criteria are often suggested. This are- the applicant needs to be at least 18 years old, for direct auto loans his/her monthly income from one source of employment and from other sources of income should be at least $2000 (however, in case of indirect financing as obtained via an auto dealer the monthly income can even be considerably lower) and he/she (the applicant) must have a proven good residence and employment history (at least a two year stay at same location).

It may be noted that in case of good credit holding there is relaxation permitted in the minimum qualifications criteria set. The holders of a healthy and bona fide credit report may not need to meet all the job and income requirements specified above.
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Do I have to first choose an automobile before applying for the loan?

No, you need not have to choose an automobile before applying for the loan. When you are handed the receipt of the auto loan approval a voucher of the maximum amount of dollars to spend will also be provided. This maximum amount is estimated based upon the current debt to income ratio and current credit standing of the applicant. The voucher provided needs to be completed by you. You need to fill in the amount for the cost of the automobile which should be less than the maximum amount specified.

What interest rates will I be offered?

Well, it varies and depends on the particulars mentioned in your application and market conditions prevailing. Various factors are considered while setting up the rates- whether the car you wish to buy is new or used, what is your down payment amount, how good is your credit history and what the term of your loan is. Every state seeks to exert control on interest rate limits. This also acts as a factor regulating the interest rate. However, we as a premier concern strive to offer rates which are comparable with the very best in the industry.

What prospects do I have if I am a holder of poor credit or no credit?

If you are a holder of poor credit or bad credit or adverse credit then we will take special care of you. We aim at ensuring that howsoever bad may be your credit situation you will be availed of your dream car financed by suitable auto loans taken from us. Persons having no credit history like students seeking auto loans will also receive considerable help from us to finance their auto purchase ventures.

With us credit history is never an issue for begetting auto loans. It is a fact that over 80% of all adults have some black mark in their credit reports. So, unnecessarily marginalizing and harassing only the bad credit holders in their loan pursuits does not quite make sense. We believe that bad credit is a misfortune which can certainly improve over time and we give the bad credit holders ample opportunity to secure the loans they need for meeting their auto purchase requirements.

Can I secure auto loans in the middle of bankruptcy proceedings?

Yes, even if you are in the middle of bankruptcy proceedings you can get auto loans from us. Our policy is to help out persons facing bankruptcy, holding bad credit or even having no credit. Normally, as long as the bankruptcy is discharged you can qualify for ‘auto loans after bankruptcy’. You may even qualify before receiving the discharge papers in some states. If you are in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy then too you will qualify for auto loans. However, a longer time may be taken in this case to process the loan.
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How secure will be the personal information which I provide while applying?

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Let us assure you that the information you provide while filling in the application and submitting it becomes encrypted for transmission and is stored with industry-leading security on our servers- in the most secure manner possible. The application pages in your browser will display the secure icon ensuring that the information you enter in the page will be transmitted following the best security measures available. To support it all also has its own strictly maintained Privacy Policy.
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Is there any chance of hidden fees being associated with my auto loan program?

No, there is no chance of any hidden fees being associated with the auto loans provided by

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